Rising rates can be scary, especially for a stock market addicted to unbelievably low rates. The wild swings on Wall Street this month have been largely driven by fears about whether the rapid spike in Treasury rates will continue. Stocks

Stocks slipped to kick off trading after the holiday. The Dow fell as much as 200 points on Tuesday, halting last week’s recovery. Rising bond yields and weaker-than-expected Walmart earnings triggered the drop. Walmart(WMT) tumbled 10% following a downtick in

The market has been selling the wrong stocks. Since interest rates started rising in December, investors have rotated into cyclical stocks and out of defensive stocks, with utilities being among the hardest hit. The MSCI World Utilities Index has fallen

The Indian rupee slid to a near three-month low on Tuesday amid growing concerns about an alleged major bank fraud at India’s second-largest state-run lender, whilst emerging stocks fell half a percent. The rupee fell 0.9 percent against the dollar

The top regulator for U.S. financial markets is barring a Chinese-led group of investors from buying the Chicago Stock Exchange. In a notice late Thursday, the Securities and Exchange Commission highlighted various concerns, including whether the deal would allow it

Consumer prices rose faster than expected in January, briefly pushing the stock markets as measured by the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial average into the red Wednesday. Investors took the Core Consumer Price Index’s year-over-year jump of 1.8% in

  After turmoil in the United States and Asia, stock markets in Europe managed to find a steadier footing Friday. Major indexes across the continent opened lower, but the losses were relatively modest. London’s FTSE 100 was down 1%, and

The markets have had a wild week. After more than a year of steadily climbing, stocks spent the past five trading days all over the board.   They nosedived, then recovered, then wobbled — before plummeting again on Thursday. They

Like everything in markets, this defies easy narratives. Is it rising yields, hedge funds selling out of arcane positions, inflated valuations bursting or none of the above? After two days of relative peace, investors theorized on what drove U.S. stocks

Amid continued volatility and worries about rising interest rates, the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average both entered correction territory on Thursday—closing down 10% from the all-time highs that each hit roughly two weeks earlier. For the day, the