The three major U.S. stock Indexes have all fallen more than 10% from their recent highs, enough to be considered a market correction. And it’s worse for financial stocks, often a market leader: The sector is down 20%, putting it

So-called ESG equity strategies—buying the stocks of companies that perform well on environmental, social-responsibility and governance (ESG) metrics—can help you align your portfolio with your ethical values. But can they also help you ride out a down market, or even

The stock market fell after British Prime Minister Theresa May delayed a scheduled parliamentary vote on Brexit. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped close to 500 points in early trading on Monday, while the S&P 500 dropped 1.7% and the

Stocks are being rocked by more volatility than investors have seen in a while—up one week, down the next. If the turbulence has left investors queasy, it’s also leaving market strategists scrambling to adjust their forecasts for the rest of

U.S. stocks endured another stomach-churning session Thursday, falling at the open on concerns about the global economy, then erasing most of those losses on a report that Federal Reserve officials may be rethinking how fast and how much they will

NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. stock investors are wary that a 30 percent slump in oil prices will pressure corporate profits while also presenting a sign of weakness in global growth at a time they are already weighing when the

For a long time, the conventional wisdom among investors was that “nice guy” businesses finished last in the stock market. Companies that tried to be socially and environmentally responsible, the critics said, would have to sacrifice some of their profits,

For the first time in a while, stock market investors are being spooked this week by what’s happening in the bond market. And the reason has something to do with an occurrence that is not exactly in the everyday investor’s

The Shanghai Composite had already seen a nearly 13% drop, from 3,200 to 2,800 points, according to Goldman Sachs as reported by Bloomberg. That loss owed to the ongoing trade dispute with the U.S., a slide in tech shares, and

  STOCKMARKET BOOMS tend to narrow with age, as investors double down on the shares that have served them well. Throughout 2017 and into the early weeks of this year, a handful of favoured technology stocks, known as FAANG (Facebook,