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JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel will tender off 19 new offshore blocks to oil and gas companies, its energy ministry said on Sunday, hoping to rebound from a disappointing bidding round a year ago. Israel discovered in 2009 that it had

Airbus is having major supplier problems and is having to include sales of a bought-in plane to meet its production targets for the year. The European plane manufacturer announced its third-quarter results Wednesday, touting a 212% year-on-year rise in quarterly

Aurora Cannabis made its anticipated debut on the New York Stock Exchange Tuesday. The timing of the move wasn’t great, as many cannabis stocks tumbled again in a selloff that has lasted more than a week. Once the stock opened

The 800-point drop of the Dow Jones Industrial Average on Oct. 10 may be a blip, and so could the nearly 5% decline over five days in the S&P 500. But they are also possibly leading indicators of the end

A prominent short seller who is suing Tesla and Elon Musk for manipulating its stock price says the company would be better off without Musk as the CEO. Andrew Left, the founder of Citron Research told CNN’s Julia Chatterley on

As economic and jobs growth continues to barrel ahead, two polls released Monday show the low esteem in which President Donald Trump appears to be held by a majority of Americans, even as respondents score the economy positively. CNN’s monthly

One of China’s major moves in the trade war with the United States is in danger of backfiring on its own farmers. They’re facing a potential shortage of soybeans, one of China’s biggest imports from the United States, after Beijing

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway is said to be preparing to invest at least $ 285 million in the Indian company that runs the popular digital payments and online financial services firm, Paytm. The Mumbai-based Economic Times reported the talks Monday,

Goldman Sachs says it’s acting as a financial adviser to Tesla. Elon Musk said Monday on Twitter that he is working with Goldman (GS) and the investment firm Silver Lake on his proposal to take Tesla private. Goldman also announced

Worries over a fragile Turkish economy and the risk of contagion in Europe unnerved investors on Friday and sent the lira to a record low against the US dollar. The Turkish currency plummeted as much as 17% against the dollar,