Pre Market

1. Trump on tour: The G7 summit ended in chaos. Will talks between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un be more productive? Trump refused to endorse a joint communique with America’s closest allies as the G7 summit in Quebec

1. A rocky start: London’s stock market opened an hour behind schedule on Thursday following a rare trading outage in one of the world’s busiest financial centers. A spokesperson for the London Stock Exchange (LDNXF) confirmed that trading commenced at

1. Starbucks’ big day: Starbucks (SBUX) is closing around 8,000 of its company-owned US locations Tuesday for racial bias training. About 175,000 employees will participate. The company announced the plan soon after two black men were arrested in a Philadelphia

1. Dodd-Frank rollback: The US Congress on Tuesday approved a bill aimed at loosening regulations covering thousands of banks. The financial crisis era rules — called the Dodd-Frank Act — were designed to make banks safer. The bill will provide

1. China-US trade ceasefire: The world’s top two economies have agreed not impose new tariffs on one another while trade talks continue. “We’re putting the trade war on hold,” US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told Fox News on Sunday. After

1. Retail rebound: The US Census Bureau will release retail sales figures for April at 8:30 a.m. ET on Tuesday. Morgan Stanley analysts are expecting a rebound in consumer spending in the second quarter, led by an increase in sales

1. Xerox walks away: Xerox (XRX) is pulling out of a multibillion-dollar deal to be taken over by Japan’s Fujifilm (FUJIF). The US printer and copier company announced the move in a statement late Sunday, saying it had reached a

1. Iran deal fallout: Oil prices have surged after President Donald Trump said the United States would exit the Iran nuclear deal. US crude futures jumped 3% on Wednesday to trade at $ 71 per barrel, their highest level since

  1. Iran decision: President Donald Trump will announce his decision on whether to scrap the Iran nuclear deal at 2:00 p.m. ET. Trump is widely expected to stop waiving sanctions on Iran’s energy and banking sector that were lifted

  1. Coffee deal: Nestle (NSRGF) agreed Monday to pay $ 7.2 billion to sell and distribute Starbucks’ packaged products around the world. Nestle already has a significant presence in the coffee business with well-known brands like Nescafe and Nespresso.