India farm protests push for rise in edible oils import tax

MUMBAI India’s government is facing mounting pressure to raise import duties on edible oils after farmers staged mass protests in

India raises rice, cotton buying prices as farmers’ protests mount

MUMBAI/NEW DELHI India raised minimum purchase prices for rice, cotton and other crops by the most since Prime Minister Narendra

Oil prices enter bear market as supply glut fears return

Look out below! The massive supply glut is once again sending crude oil prices into a tailspin. Crude plunged into

Big Oil needs to spend $350 billion…on wind and solar

Big Oil may be ignoring the rapid growth of solar and wind energy at its own peril. The world might

Why Oil May Plunge to $30 a Barrel

The price of oil may sink to between $ 30 and $ 35 per barrel next year and stay there

Saudi Aramco seeks exclusive talks over India oil refinery stake

NEW DELHI Oil giant Saudi Aramco wants to enter into exclusive talks with India to buy a stake in the

Shale oil boom to hurt OPEC well into 2018

The U.S. oil boom will keep piling on the pain for OPEC well into next year. In its first forecast

Fed in focus; Bad news for OPEC;

1. Focus on the Fed: Get ready for the third interest rate hike in seven months. The U.S. Federal Reserve

OPEC sees oil market rebalancing at slower pace, says output rises

LONDON OPEC said on Tuesday a long-awaited rebalancing of the oil market was under way at a “slower pace” and

No Seriously, The Gold Standard Is a Terrible Idea

America has a thing for gold. (For proof, look no further than the new curtains in the Oval Office.) The