Surging oil prices rattle President Trump

The oil market has caught President Trump in an awkward spot between his pro-business instincts and his populist tendencies. Trump,

Oil prices jump to highest level since 2014 amid Middle East tensions

  Oil prices jumped to their highest level since 2014 Wednesday, as worries about fighting in the Middle East spooked

China wants to reshape the global oil market

TRADITIONALLY, to count as an oil power a country had to be a big producer of the black stuff. China

Gold demand picks up in India, subdued elsewhere

Gold discounts in India narrowed this week on an improvement in demand for weddings and hopes that retail purchases will

Higher gold prices keep buyers at bay; India discounts at 6-1/2-month high

 Physical gold demand in Asian hot spots slouched this week as higher global prices made buyers hold off on purchases

In India, digital gold sellers hope trickle will become a rush

 A digital revolution is reshaping India’s $ 34 billion gold market, with smartphones, e-wallets and flexible investment schemes drawing new

Saudi Arabia’s oil shipments to America have plunged to 1988 levels

Saudi Arabia’s oil shipments to the United States have declined sharply despite closer ties between the two nations under President

‘Going Into the Lion’s Cage.’ Only 14 Women in the World Lead Commodity Houses

In the top echelons of leadership at the world’s biggest commodity traders, less than 5 percent are women. It’s a

One of Europe’s biggest oil companies is taking ‘oil’ out of its name

Oil made Norway rich. Now it appears to be something of a dirty word. State-backed Statoil (STO) announced Thursday that

Saudi Arabia’s ‘big concern’ about listing its oil giant in New York

  Could Wall Street miss out on the biggest oil deal of all time? Saudi Arabia is considering where to