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Analysts at Morgan Stanley have added their voices to those warning that mining Bitcoin may no longer be economically viable. The issue is that “mining” cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin involves heavy-duty number-crunching and, therefore, requires costly computers and a lot

  Two federal regulators are fining Wells Fargo $ 1 billion for forcing customers into car insurance and charging mortgage borrowers unfair fees. The penalty was announced Friday by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Office of the Comptroller

We’re more than nine years into a bull market, and it’s no secret that stocks are expensive. The Shiller price/earnings ratio, which compares companies’ share prices with their inflation-adjusted 10-year earnings average, is at 31, well above the historical median

  Apple’s stock is as red as the newest version of the iPhone 8. Shares of Apple fell more than 3% Friday, and they are now down nearly 5% this week. Apple’s stock has given up its gains for the

 Crypto law enforcer. Did somebody mention bitcoin? New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is looking into 13 digital currency exchanges, including big names Coinbase and Bitfinex, seeking information about their policies on privacy, fraud, and money laundering, among other matters. The

Wall Street is alive and well. Goldman Sachs reported a $ 2.8 billion profit for the first quarter Tuesday, topping forecasts. And workers at the investment bank were rewarded handsomely. Compensation expenses — a number often referred to as the

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – Sweden and India will strengthen their cooperation on defence, their prime ministers said on Tuesday, a move that could aid Sweden’s Saab in its bid to sell its Gripen jet to replace India’s Soviet-era MiG fighters. Last

Regional banks could reward shareholders with up to $ 53 billion if Congress rolls back Dodd-Frank. The Senate recently passed a banking bill that would shield large regional banks from tough scrutiny that requires them to sit on extra cash

The UK’s biggest auto manufacturer — Jaguar Land Rover — is cutting 1,000 jobs in its home market as Brexit and slumping sales hit the quintessentially British brand. Jaguar Land Rover — which is owned by India’s Tata Motors (TTM)

In 2013’s Big Data, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, professor of digital governance at Oxford, described the necessity of using digital information to better connect with customers and train automated systems. In the new Reinventing Capitalism in the Age of Big Data, Mayer-­Schönberger,