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Robinhood, a free trading platform for stocks and cryptocurrency, is expanding its crypto offerings beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum to include Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Robinhood Crypto has been steadily adding states where the service is available. Currently investors can buy

JPMorgan Chase continues to benefit from a US economy that’s still humming along. The giant bank reported a profit of $ 8.3 billion for the second quarter Friday, an increase of 18% from a year ago and not far off

If you feel like stuff has been getting more expensive lately, you’re right. The Consumer Price Index, which tracks most items on the average city-dwelling American’s shopping list, rose 2.9% last month — its fastest pace since 2012. When prices

Wall Street might not be freaking out about the trade war between China and the United States, but serious cracks are forming in the commodities market. Check out copper, the industrial metal that’s so sensitive to swings in the global

MoviePass’ boss has a few words for his doubters: Don’t worry. Everything is fine. Helios and Matheson, the parent company behind the popular movie subscription service, has seen better days. Its stock has fallen 99% to as low as 17

Wall Street’s trade war jitters have resurfaced, and the Dow is bearing the brunt of investors’ worries. US stocks retreated on Wednesday after the White House moved ahead with plans to launch tariffs on another $ 200 billion worth of

The bubble may have burst for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The price of one bitcoin (XBT) is now hovering around $ 6,400. That’s a more than 50% drop in 2018 and a 66% plunge from the all-time high of just

The world was awash in crude oil just two years ago. Now there’s barely enough to meet the unquenchable thirst for energy. Faced with rapidly rising prices and sanctions on Iran, Saudi Arabia agreed to raise production to a record

The financial services sector isn’t doing so well in the court of public opinion. Financial services companies have seen the most negative change in public sentiment, according to a recent SurveyMonkey poll that asked 19,860 American adults about the top

Here’s What the World’s Biggest Investor Thinks the Markets Will Do NextOne of China’s top tech companies plans to list its online music business in the United States. Tencent(TCEHY) said in a statement Sunday that it will sell shares in