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SGX NIFTY FUTURES17,233.00-31.00-0.18%17,270.0017,088.00
Open Last Trade : 18:30Singapore Time : Wed Jan 26 2022 18:30

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About SGX Nifty Futures

SGX Nifty is a future traded in Singapore Stock Exchange. It is main indices is Indian CNX Nifty and it is considered as proxy to Indian CNX Nifty.

The term SGX NIFTY simply means Nifty Futures Traded on Singapore exchange. The Futures contracts traded on this Singapore Exchange will be settled on the basis of NSE NIFTY settlement price of National Stock Exchange of India.

SGX nifty is very useful to investors worldwide because it provides an opportunity to trade in Indian Stock Markets while not having to setup or register with in India.

SGX Nifty is opened Three and half hours before the Indian stock market opens. It provides initial direction to the Indian CNS Nifty. SGX Nifty Future is also used to predict the Premarket Opening of Indian Stock Markets especially NSE Nifty. Because of this traders track SGX Nifty quotes.

SGX Nifty Futures - SGX Nifty 50 Futures | SGX Nifty 50 Futures Rates | SGX Nifty Singapore Futures

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