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Daimler became the first prominent company to cut its profit outlook due to escalating trade tensions between the U.S. and China, claiming Chinese customers will now buy fewer cars after Beijing slaps tariffs on U.S. auto imports. The manufacturer of

1. Stress tests: The US Federal Reserve will release its annual assessment of big banks on Thursday. The stress tests, put in place after the 2008 financial crisis, are designed to make sure banks are healthy enough to withstand an

You probably haven’t heard of Fleetcor Technologies. Fleetcor is a Norcross, Ga.-based payments solutions provider focused on B2B services like accounts payable, cross-border payments, and payments cards for niche industries. Not exactly the sexiest company in the world. But what

Ever since the judge presiding over the AT&T Inc.- Time Warner Inc. merger case said he’d take the unusual step of reading his ruling aloud from the bench on June 12, investors, lawyers and journalists have eagerly anticipated this day.

President Donald Trump delivered a threat to foreign leaders during a press conference Saturday at the 2018 G7 summit in Quebec, Canada: If they don’t dramatically reduce tariffs and trade barriers, “we’ll stop trading with them.” Halting all trade with

IN AN episode of “Seinfeld”, a 1990s television comedy, George Costanza, a serial failure played by Jason Alexander, decides that every instinct he has is wrong. So he resolves to do the opposite. He is soon squiring a new girlfriend

1. A rocky start: London’s stock market opened an hour behind schedule on Thursday following a rare trading outage in one of the world’s busiest financial centers. A spokesperson for the London Stock Exchange (LDNXF) confirmed that trading commenced at

OF THE €57.7bn ($ 68.2bn) of loans that Piraeus Bank, one of Greece’s four dominant lenders, had on its books at the end of March, €20.5bn were more than 90 days overdue. A further €11.7bn were also deemed unlikely to

AT THE annual World Series of Poker, which begins this week in Las Vegas, the main event is the no-limit Texas hold ’em tournament. In the course of two weeks of gruelling knock-out play, several thousand players are whittled down

Ken Langone, the entrepreneur who helped start Home Depot forty years ago, thinks the US economy is “fabulous” and now firmly back on track following the 2008 financial crisis. In an interview with CNN’s Christine Romans, Langone said he’d give