Honda to close UK car plant with the loss of 3,500 jobs

  Japanese carmaker Honda is set to announce the closure of its only British car plant in 2022 with the

Wall Street’s Incredible Shrinking Earnings Outlook

Wall Street’s predictions for this quarter’s earnings are shrinking fast. That’s a bellwether for rolling downgrades as the year wears

Credit Card Merchant Fee Hikes Could Mean Higher Prices for Everyone

Credit card companies Visa, Mastercard, and Discover, will raise their processing fees in April, according to the Wall Street Journal.

CAPE Fear: The Bulls Are Wrong. Shiller’s Measure Is the Real Deal

For the past half-decade, a controversial yardstick called the CAPE has been flashing red, warning that stock prices are extremely

Signs of progress in China-US trade talks, but gaps remain big

LAST YEAR, when American officials visited Beijing for trade negotiations, they spent more time fighting among themselves than against China.

India to remove trade privileges, ensure complete isolation of Pakistan: Arun Jaitley

 India will take all possible diplomatic steps to ensure the “complete isolation” of Pakistan in response to an attack by

Warren Buffett Sells Off $2.1 Billion Oracle Stake, Trims Apple Investment

The Oracle of Omaha is apparently through with the Oracle of Silicon Valley. And he also looks to be less

U.S., India hold talks to calm trade tensions, Ross joins by video

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – U.S. and Indian government officials pressed on with talks on Thursday to resolve their differences over

Airbus to scrap production of A380 superjumbo

TOULOUSE, France (Reuters) – Europe’s Airbus announced plans to scrap production of the A380 superjumbo on Thursday, abandoning its dream

EU brings industry together to tackle dollar dominance in energy trade

The European Union has convened a wide-ranging industrial group to work on promoting the euro and fighting the monopoly of