U.S. Market Indexes Higher with Brexit Survey Results
Mon Jun 20 2016
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U.S. Market Indexes Higher with Brexit Survey Results

U.S. market indexes were higher on Monday as surveys on Brexit sentiment showed the U.K. was more likely to remain in the European Union. For the day the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 17804.87 for a gain of 129.71 points or 0.73 percent. The S&P 500 was also higher, closing at 2083.25 for a gain of 12.03 points or 0.58 percent. The Nasdaq Composite closed higher at 4837.21 for a gain of 36.88 points or 0.77 percent.

Source: DJIA, S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite. Google Finance.

Monday’s Market Movers

Stocks started the day higher and traded higher for the day after U.K. polls showed greater sentiment towards remaining in the European Union.

No significant U.S. economic reports were on the calendar for Monday. In the afternoon, Minneapolis Federal Reserve President, Neel Kashkari, spoke at a forum about too big to fail banks, reporting there was more work to do to ensure the financial planning for these banks in a potential bankruptcy scenario.

Stocks actively traded for the day with gains included Bank of America, General Electric, Chesapeake Energy, Ford and Pfizer. Stocks actively traded with losses included Microsoft and Apple.

In the Dow Jones Industrial Average the following stocks led gains and losses:

Gains (percent)

Boeing 2.26

Goldman Sachs 1.45

3M 1.36

Intel 1.29

Nike 1.21

Losses (percent)

Cisco -0.52

Apple -0.27

Microsoft -0.12

Procter & Gamble -0.11

Verizon -0.04

Top sectors for the broad market were industrial and consumer discretionary. The utilities sector was the only sector in the negative for the day, down 0.38 percent.

In technology, the Nasdaq Composite closed higher at 4837.21 for a gain of 36.88 points or 0.77 percent. The Nasdaq 100 was also higher, closing at 4400.16 for a gain of 25.78 points or 0.59 percent. Top performing stocks in the Nasdaq 100 included:

Gains (percent)

JD.com Inc ADR 4.62

eBay 3.28

Liberty Media 3.15

Vodafone Group PLC ADR 3.11

Skyworks Solutions 3.1

In commodities, gold traded lower as evidenced by the SPDR Gold Trust which reported a loss of -0.74 points or -0.60 percent. The dollar was lower for the day as the U.S. Dollar Index closed at 93.68 for a loss of -0.24 points or -0.26 percent.

Small-Cap Stocks

In small-caps, the Russell 2000 followed the day’s trend higher closing at 1157.70 for a gain of 13.00 points or 1.14 percent. The S&P 600 closed at 710.04 for a gain of 8.56 points or 1.22 percent. The DJ Small-Cap Growth TSM closed at 7090.06 for a gain of 93.10 points or 1.33 percent. The DJ Small-Cap Value TSM closed at 8342.88 for a gain of 70.88 points or 0.86 percent.

Other Notable Indexes

Other notable index closes included the S&P 400 Mid-Cap Index which closed at 1494.98 for a gain of 15.03 points or 1.02 percent; the S&P 100 closing at 919.27 for a gain of 4.32 points or 0.47 percent; the Russell 3000 which closed at 1229.71 for a gain of 8.14 points or 0.67 percent; the Russell 1000 which closed at 1154.09 for a gain of 7.20 points or 0.63 percent; and the Dow Jones U.S. Select Dividend Index which closed at 600.01 for a gain of 3.04 points or 0.51 percent.

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