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The red-hot Dow has finally cooled off a bit.After nine straight days of record highs, the Dow dipped 33 points on Tuesday. Wall Street was on track to extend that streak, but stocks retreated after President Trump promised “fire and

The S&P 500 will start excluding companies that issue multiple classes of shares, managers of the index said on Monday, a move that effectively bars Snap Inc after its decision to offer stock with no voting rights. The decision takes

Raging bulls on Wall Street often argue that today’s record-high stock market isn’t as outrageously expensive as it was in early 2000.While that’s generally true, at least one important measure of stock values is approaching those dot-com bubble-era levels. The

If Wall Street is concerned about all the drama in D.C., it’s definitely not showing it. The stock market keeps rewriting the record book despite the political scandals and legislative gridlock in Washington. The Dow did it again on Friday,

1. Trump visits Paris: President Trump is visiting Paris on Thursday to meet with French President Emmanuel Macron. The two leaders, who share little in terms of policies and priorities, are scheduled to hold a press conference. The event is

Jeff Immelt’s near-16-year tenure as CEO of General Electric (ge) was not successful for the company’s long-suffering investors, who would have done far better in an index fund. But let’s not judge him too harshly. His announced departure forces attention

One of the oldest sayings on Wall Street is that investors hate uncertainty. But that adage, much like other conventional wisdom, is being challenged during the Trump era.Despite enormous question marks swirling around the fate of President Trump’s economic agenda

1. A tale of two airlines: British Airways owner IAG (BABWF) shed 4% on Tuesday after a major IT failure forced the airline to cancel thousands of flights over the holiday weekend. British Airways’ computer system has since been restored.

The S&P 500 may be up 8% this year even as the White House spits up scandal after scandal, but the bull market could still add another $ 2.4 trillion — based on history any way. Accord to CFRA analyst

Stocks were not doing much on Friday. Not much was happening on Wall Street. I guess that traders, like most Americans, are too busy getting ready for a long Memorial Day weekend of barbecues, baseball and beer to worry about