US : Tesla shortens web address to
Tue Jul 19 2016
Nikki Bailey (1073 articles)

US : Tesla shortens web address to

DETROIT : Electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors Inc has changed its internet address from to, hinting at a possible company name change as part of CEO Elon Musk’s latest and still undisclosed “master plan.”

The domain name and address were updated on Monday, according to internet accreditation company ICANN. Web users now are being automatically redirected to the new web address.Tesla did not respond immediately when asked if the web address change was linked to a possible company name change.

Technology giant Apple Inc shortened its name in 2007 from Apple Computer, just ahead of the launch of the iPhone, which took the company’s business in a new direction.

In addition to electric vehicles, Tesla also makes stationary storage batteries for homes and businesses. Web users who type in to find out about the company’s batteries are now redirected to

Musk has proposed a merger between Tesla and SolarCity Corp, a supplier of solar panels. He is the largest shareholder in both companies.

In June, Musk said the combination of SolarCity’s solar panels with Tesla’s electric vehicles and stationary storage batteries would create “a combined automotive and power storage and power generation company,” with the potential for Tesla to be a “trillion-dollar” company in market value.

Tesla acquired the rights to the address earlier this year and began transitioning its internal email addresses to the new domain soon after that, according to a person familiar with the changes.

Nikki Bailey

Nikki Bailey

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