US : 11 Surprising Jobs That Pay At Least $100,000 A Year
Tue Jul 12 2016
Ray Pierce (785 articles)

US : 11 Surprising Jobs That Pay At Least $100,000 A Year

For many U.S. workers, real wages have been stagnant for decades when accounting for inflation. But salaries aren’t always stuck in the doldrums.

Online employment company Glassdoor has pinpointed a few bright spots. It is calling out 11 newer jobs it says can pay $ 100,000 or more annually. (So it avoids the obvious well-paid gigs like doctors and lawyers).

A few important caveats: the total pay that’s reported can include other forms of compensation beyond traditional base salary (for example tips, bonuses, or commissions). Also, employees voluntarily share their salaries on Glassdoor, so these figures haven’t been independently verified.

But still, this list features jobs that signal there are some brights spots in the labor market. Here’s the Glassdoor list, with the total figures representing total median pay.

  1. Special agent—$ 125,000
  2. Airline pilot—$ 134,000
  3. Regional sales executive—$ 103,500
  4. Nurse practitioner—$ 101,600
  5. Reservoir engineer—$ 143,000
  6. Dentist—$ 129,968
  7. Equity research associate—$ 100,000
  8. Geophysicist—$ 119,380
  9. Physician assistant—$ 100,392
  10. Drilling engineer—$ 116,500
  11. Software architect—$ 139,000
Ray Pierce

Ray Pierce

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