Thu Mar 13 2014
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IPO’s Are Hot Again & The Weekly Update

A twofer of posts over at Alpha Baskets.

First up is a look at the hot IPO market. I found some interesting stats but I would add that there won’t be a repeat of 2000 (we are below new issuance levels from back then), the next crisis or plain old bear market will be caused by something else but the IPO market could be looked back at having been a warning.

From the post;

Last week the Wall Street Journal gave a rundown of what has been a very hot IPO market. The Journal reported that there were 42 listings in the first two months of 2014 compared to 20 from the same timeframe in 2013 and keep in mind 2013 was a very good year for IPOs.

Please click through to read the entire post.

The other post that went up was the weekly market update which usually covers both market related items but also a couple lifestyle things as well.

From the ‘interesting reads’ section;

More interesting than the story about the cabin was the embedded opinion that there is a “tiny house movement where people are living with a smaller financial, environmental, and physical footprint.”

You can read the rest here.

As for the pictures, over the weekend I worked at the Arizona Wildfire Academy with the team running the academy in the logistics section. Logistics provides stuff on incidents including radios and the first photo is if the radio cache.

The second picture is of a Type 6 engine from the Tonto National Forest. Coincidentally I just started using Instagram and both pictures have effects applied to them.

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