These 13 Stocks Have The Biggest Chance To Skyrocket – Goldman Sachs
Thu Jul 07 2016
Ray Pierce (785 articles)

These 13 Stocks Have The Biggest Chance To Skyrocket – Goldman Sachs

Investors are always looking for the stock that is about to blow up.

Goldman Sachs is no different, and the investment firm is known for its intensive research on publicly traded companies. Goldman releases price targets for each of the companies they research, which indicate where they think the company’s stock is headed.

In a note to clients, the investment firm revealed which companies they think have the biggest potential for explosive gains.

The companies listed below represent those that Goldman thinks that have the biggest upside from and their current price. The “upside to target” number represents exactly how much Goldman thinks the company’s share price will grow in the coming months.

For investors looking to get in before the rest of the world catches on, these companies might be a good place to start.

Read on to find out which ones made the list.

13. Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCL)
Current Price: $ 67.15
Target Price: $ 90.99
Upside to target: 35.5%

What the CEO thinks: “Our main brands surged ahead in awareness and preference. We also extended our lead in China and continue to make strides in providing a product the Chinese respect. And, guest satisfaction reached record levels as did our employee engagement.” — CEO Richard Fain in the company’s annual report

12. KeyCorp (KEY)
Current Price: $ 11.05
Target Price: $ 14.99
Upside to target: 35.7%

What the CEO thinks: “During my five years as CEO, I have never been more enthusiastic about the future of this company and the opportunities that lay before us. Key has made significant progress over the past year, and we are well-positioned to accelerate our growth” — CEO Beth Mooney during the company’s 2016 annual meeting

11. EOG Resources Inc. (EOG)
Current Price: $ 83.42
Target Price: $ 114.04
Upside to target: 36.7%

What the CEO thinks: “EOG is uniquely positioned for sustained long-term growth with the best assets, culture, technology and financial flexibility to deliver industry-leading performance for years to come.” — CEO William Thomas in the company’s 2015 annual report

10. Juniper Networks (JNPR)
Current Price: $ 22.49
Target Price: $ 30.99
Upside to target: 37.8%

What the CEO thinks: “While our results for the March quarter were disappointing, we remain constructive on the full year and encouraged by early customer feedback on our recently introduced new products.” — CEO Rami Rahim in a first quarter news release

9. Synchrony Financial (SYF)
Current Price: $ 25.28
Target Price: $ 34.99
Upside to target: 38.4%

What the CEO thinks: “Our innovative payments, analytics, loyalty and financing solutions are delivering value to our partners and cardholders and continue to build the foundation for future growth.” — CEO Margaret Keane said in a first quarter news release

8. Mylan (MYL)
Current Price: $ 43.24
Target Price: $ 60.02
Upside to target: 38.8%

What the CEO thinks: “Every healthcare system is looking for cost containment and healthcare solutions, and we work very hard to break down those barriers.” — CEO Heather Bresch said to Bloomberg

7. CBRE Group Inc. (CBG)
Current Price:$ 26.48
Target Price: $ 38.00
Upside to target: 43.5%

What the CEO thinks: “Clients increasingly want integrated solutions. They value highly strategic advice supported by insight, a powerful platform, and superior execution, delivered by the most knowledgeable specialists in every business line in every local market around the world. CBRE is uniquely able to meet these requirements and create significant value for our clients.” — CEO Bob Sulentic said in a first quarter earnings call

6. Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD)
Current Price: $ 151.21
Target Price: $ 216.99
Upside to target: 43.5%

What the future CEO thinks: “With more than 20,000 drilling locations in some of the best rock in the world, we have the assets and people to continue to achieve top-tier performance in the coming years.” — COO Timothy Dove said in a news release announcing his new CEO role, which will begin in 2017

5. Signet Jewelers (SIG)
Current Price: $ 82.41
Target Price: $ 119.00
Upside to target: 44.4%

What the CEO thinks: “While we strive to treat each guest with dignity and respect as we work to resolve a past due account, it’s not uncommon for consumers who are unwilling or unable to make a payment to launch a complaint in an attempt to cease collection activity on a legitimate debt owed.” — CEO Mark Light said to Business Insider in defense of his company’s ‘aggressive’ collection practices

4. Citizens Financial Group (CFG)
Current Price: $ 19.98
Target Price: $ 28.99
Upside to target: 45.1%

What the CEO thinks: “Our plan is straightforward. We are working to perform well by delivering a customer experience that stands out from the pack. And we are putting Citizens in a position to sustain growth by maintaining a strong balance sheet and investing and spending wisely, while managing risk well.” — CEO Bruce Van Saun said in the company’s annual report

3. Affiliated Managers Group (AMG)
Current Price:$ 140.77
Target Price: $ 210.03
Upside to target: 49.2%

What the CEO thinks: “We are seeing strong demand for our affiliates alternative strategies and as global institutional clients increasing allocate towards active products more generally, AMG stands to benefit from this trend.” — CEO Sean Healey said on a first quarter earnings conference call

2. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (REGN)
Current Price: $ 349.23
Target Price: $ 521.05
Upside to target: 49.2%

What the CEO thinks: “We have always run Regeneron by the principle of ‘doing well by doing good.’ In addition to our work to invent new and needed medicines, we focus on improving our world and operating with the highest standards of integrity” — CEO Leonard Schleifer said in the company’s annual report

1. First Solar (FSLR)
Current Price: $ 48.48
Target Price: $ 79.02
Upside to target: 63.0%

What the CEO thinks: “As solar power becomes increasingly affordable, industry data and more industry leaders are pointing to the fact that utility-scale solar will play a leading role in the future of new electricity generation.” — CEO James Hughes said in the company’s annual report

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Ray Pierce

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