Israeli tanks are advancing into the core area of Rafah

Tue May 28 2024
Gil Ecker (246 articles)
Israeli tanks are advancing into the core area of Rafah

Witnesses reported that Israeli tanks made additional progress into Rafah on Tuesday, despite increasing international criticism, as the Israeli military announced its intention to broaden its activities in the southern Gaza Strip.

Palestinians in the city informed The Wall Street Journal that the tanks came close to the Al-Awda mosque, which is a prominent landmark in central Rafah. The Israeli military has refrained from providing details regarding its expansion into Rafah. However, Israeli army radio has reported that an additional brigade has been deployed to the city, bringing the total number of operating brigades to six. Furthermore, Israeli troops are currently involved in close-quarters battle with Hamas forces.

Israel is attempting to navigate a delicate balance between engaging in conflict with Hamas in Rafah, while minimizing harm to its ties with the United States, its strongest friend, and avoiding any disruption to its fragile relations with the Arab world.

The recent airstrike in Rafah, which Palestinian sources claim resulted in the deaths of numerous civilians, has highlighted the underlying difficulty that Israel confronts.

Israel has expressed its intention to dismantle Hamas’s remaining military infrastructure in Rafah and disrupt the terrorist group’s smuggling operations from Egypt to Gaza. However, the United States has consistently cautioned Israel about the necessity of taking more measures to safeguard civilians.

The recent airstrike on Sunday prompts additional inquiries over the Israeli military’s ability to accomplish its objectives without violating the boundaries set by the United States.

The bombing occurred shortly after the International Court of Justice issued a demand for Israel to cease certain operations in Rafah. The public outcry over the civilian casualties mirrored the response to a previous Israeli strike in April, which resulted in the deaths of seven relief workers from World Central Kitchen in Gaza.

Hugh Lovatt, a senior policy fellow with the European Council on Foreign Relations, stated that the strike has exacerbated the existing political tensions. According to him, this action exacerbates Israel’s isolation and increases hostility towards Israel from other countries.

The diplomatic ties between Israel and Egypt are at risk following a rare confrontation on Monday, where forces from both nations engaged in a cross-border battle resulting in the death of an Egyptian officer. Egypt has been progressively exasperated with Israel’s military action in Rafah, a town located on the opposite side of the border with Gaza.

Over 800,000 individuals have evacuated Rafah following the Israeli military’s directive to evacuate the eastern section of the city on May 6. However, the mayor of the city approximates that over 500,000 individuals are still present, facing difficulties in locating alternative refuge.

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