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About SMI – Switzerland

The Swiss Market Index (SMI) is Switzerland’s blue-chip stock market index, which makes it the most important in the country. It is made up of twenty of the largest and most liquid SPI large- and mid-cap stocks. As a price index, the SMI is not adjusted for dividends, but a performance index that takes account of such distributions is available (the SMIC – SMI Cum Dividend).

The SMI was introduced on 30 June 1988 at a baseline value of 1500 points. Its composition is examined once a year. Calculation takes place in real-time: as soon as a new transaction occurs in a security contained in the SMI, an updated index level is calculated and displayed.

The securities contained in the SMI currently represent more than 90% of the entire market capitalisation, as well as of 90% trading volume, of all Swiss and Liechtenstein equities listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange. Because the SMI is considered to be a mirror of the overall Swiss stock market, it is used as the underlying index for numerous derivative financial instruments such as options, futures and index funds (e.g. ETFs).

SMI - SMI 20 Index | SMI 20 Rates | Switzerland Index

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