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The U.S. dollar is cooling off after a red-hot surge. Though it rose in the weeks following President Trump’s election victory last November, the greenback has steadily fallen this year. It’s now down to its lowest level since January 2015.

1. Debt ceiling deal: President Trump has sided with Democrats to support a deal that would ensure passage of disaster relief funding as well as raising the debt ceiling and continuing to fund the government. The measure will keep the

Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL), the largest company by market capitalization, has set a new record high this week, before pulling back slightly along with the overall market. Earlier this month, the iPhone specialist beat earnings expectations for the 5th time in

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – The Indian government has threatened Philip Morris International Inc with “punitive action” over the tobacco giant’s alleged violation of the country’s anti-smoking laws, according to a letter sent to the company by the federal health ministry.

 Iran said new sanctions imposed by U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday break the terms of its nuclear deal with the United States and other world powers, and vowed an “appropriate and proportional” response. Trump, who during his election campaign

Bitcoin’s underlying software code was split on Tuesday, generating a new clone called “Bitcoin Cash,” but the new virtual currency got off to a slow start due to lackluster support for its network. The initiative was headed by a small

The United States is considering sanctions that would strike at the only source of cash for troubled Venezuela: Oil.Two senior administration officials told CNN that sanctions could be announced as early as Monday. The Venezuelan government on Sunday held a

 The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is creating three categories for agricultural commodities and will introduce limits that investors can hold for each one to try to reduce price fluctuations. Commidities will be classed as sensitive, broad or

 Chinese and Indian equity funds sprinted away from their emerging market rivals in the first half of 2017, whilst local currency bond funds shone as the dollar weakened. China funds filled the top five places in a league table of

1. Spicy takeover: McCormick & Company (MKC) has big plans to cash in on condiments. It’s paying $ 4.2 billion to buy Reckitt Benckiser’s (RBGLY) condiments business, giving it control of brands such as Frank’s RedHot Hot Sauce and French’s