Mon May 19 2014
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The ‘Real’ Wolf of Wall Street Made Me Spit Out My Coffee This AM

Bloomberg News reports, Jordan Belfort, the real ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ expects to finish paying restitution to his victims from profits he plans on making from his ongoing speaker tour.

“My goal is to make north of a $ 100 million so I am paying back everyone this year,”, he boldly told (what could only be a shocked audience) according to Bloomberg.

Belfort, whose life, Martin Scorsese adapted into the film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, is no saint.

After being arrested and convicted for various money laundering and securities fraud related crimes, Jordan Belfort, served a 22 month prison sentence and was ordered to pay $ 110.4 million in restitution to his victims of Stratton Oakmont.

This guy is making $ 100 million this year on a speaking tour.

Who is speaking to?

What could he teach a room willing to shell out that kind of money?

Am I missing something?

What is going on in the world?

I guess crime does pay…

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