Thu May 15 2014
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Here’s More on Apple’s Long-Awaited Gadget

The global tech giant Apple (AAPL) is about to launch the most awaited smartphone of the season, the iPhone 6, and the long wait of the gizmo geeks shall end by this September. The upcoming iPhone is expected to have much more new and interesting features, thus attracting the attention of gadget addicts.

Reality or Rumor?

The new iPhone is predicted to have a larger display, in the range of 4.8 inches to 5.5 inches, with 1136×640 pixel resolution. In fact, there is lot of buzz that this year too Apple might launch more than one iPhone just like it did last year in the case of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

The price range of the device is not yet confirmed but it is guessed that the contract-free version might cost around $ 549 for the 16GB, and $ 649 for 32GB. Rumors have it that the iPhone will have iOS8 which the Cupertino company is expected to release at the Worldwide Developer Conference scheduled in June. The latest feature in iPhone 6 will be the NFC chip which is a big attraction point for several buyers that will help make things such as mobile payments or making phone calls much easier.

Apple has always provided good storage internal capacity in the iPhones which till now has had a maximum limit of up to 64GB. But this time it has broken all records and set the limit up to 128GB expandable memory, just like that for iPad Air. This new limit for the storage is a boon for music and video addicts who may download and capture more than before.

What’s New?

The introduction of sapphire screen in the new iPhone 6 is till now the best feature used. The screen is manufactured by melting aluminum oxide in specialized furnaces. When liquid aluminum oxide is allowed to cool slowly, it forms a large crystal. The sapphire crystal is cut out to form screens. Apple has signed a contract of $ 578 million with GT Advanced, the sapphire screen company. Rumor goes around that solar charging screens might be used in iPhone 6, but this looks far-fetched as the technology is yet to be released.

Apple is integrating heart rate and blood pressure monitors in the earpods of the headphone. Biggest rival Samsung (SSNLF) had released heart beat monitors at the back of their new smartphone Galaxy S5. It might also provide a slot for expandable storage. Flexible screen and wireless charging are the new features which the rival companies have already adopted but we are not sure yet that these feature will be found in the iPhone 6 or not.


The new iPhone will definitely have new and exciting features that will surely grab the attention of people worldwide and Apple loyalists are eagerly waiting for the launch of this new phone. With distinctive features such as the sapphire screen and the 128 GB memory it is sure to beat the records of all the other smartphones. Analysts are even predicting that the launch of the device will have a positive effect on the share price.

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