Analysis Of The Global Online Gambling Industry
Thu Aug 06 2020

Analysis Of The Global Online Gambling Industry

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, some industries have fallen by the wayside and do not seem to have a way out.

Increasingly, businesses in trades such as restaurants, bars and more look to be closing down permanently as a result of the lockdown. Whilst tragic, this news can be offset by the fact that other industries are flourishing in 2020.

One such business is that of online gambling. When we were commanded to remain at home back in March, experts predicted a surge in interest at online casino sites and their predictions certainly came to fruition.

In this article, we will make an analysis of the global online gambling industry. From the current state of the business to what the future might hold, we will cover it all.

Let’s get started by seeing how the pandemic affected the online gambling industry on the whole.

How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect the global online gambling industry?

When we were thrown into the lockdown back in March, many businesses were forced to close down and, unfortunately, plenty of these have not been able to reopen.

Whilst awful news on a personal and social level, the fact remains that the online gambling industry flourished during the worst months of coronavirus.

Sites offering everything from slots games to table games to betting on sports (much of them virtual) went from strong to supersized during the pandemic! Across the board, nations reported a huge surge in interest at online casino sites, with slots and poker attracting the most money.

It is thought that, with so many of us sitting at home without much to do, a few hours of online casino action provided a welcome distraction from the madness that was only then beginning to unfold.
What is the current state of the global online gambling industry?
Now that the pandemic has begun to subside across much of Europe, this region at least has seen a calming of the interest in online gambling. Naturally, this is only to be expected as people return to some version of normality and we have less free time on our hands collectively.

Yet it is not all bad news for the industry. The fact that so many new players joined up at online casino sites during the pandemic has opened a door that can’t just be closed! Thousands of players worldwide have woken up to the fun and thrills of online gambling and the expectation is that they will now be lifelong players.

Whether slots games, table games or betting on sports, the possibilities of the online gambling industry are near endless for players to enjoy. The business looks to be going from strength to strength and although activity has dipped slightly from the peak of the pandemic, the long term forecast is extremely rosy indeed for slots games, poker and more.

Remember, always gamble responsibly and stay safe when playing at online casinos. You can play secure, high-quality online casino games at which is a UK regulated casino.



Nick Jason is our Europe based Correspondent. He covers news related to Stock Market Commodities & Currencies. He currently lives in London.


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