What 2020 Could Bring For The US Online Gambling Industry
Sat Nov 16 2019

What 2020 Could Bring For The US Online Gambling Industry

Whilst in many ways the United States of America is considered a pioneering force in individual liberty and freedom, there has long been a complicated relationship between gambling and the USA.

Of course, the United States is the home of Las Vegas, the world’s biggest casino in many ways and a kind of mecca for those who love to gamble. However betting continues to be classified as illegal in many states and even at the federal level when it comes to online sports betting.

In the US, online gambling is only legal in the states of Delaware, Iowa, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Nevada. With that said, the gambling industry in the USA is thought to be worth close to $160 billion per year. The question is, where does it all come from? And what does the future hold for the industry in the USA?

In this article, we will take a look at what the immediate future and 2020 could bring the US online gambling industry. So, without further ado…

Current developments in 2019

Since the court decision upholding the conditions of the Federal Wire Act prohibiting the transfer in information pertaining to betting via telephone in 2002, there has been little movement in the US regarding the online gambling industry.

In May 2018, the US Supreme Court struck down a ruling from 1992 that effectively outlawed sports betting. This means that the law is about to change very soon which will allow Americans to legally bet on sports of all kinds from the comfort of their own homes. In fact, it is thought that prior to the ruling last year, US citizens were already betting upwards of $150 billion each year on sports betting via illegal bookmakers.

Whilst 2019 has seen little movement regarding the legalisation of online gambling across the USA, with the Supreme Court ruling yet to be passed into law, 2020 could see some serious developments in the US for the online gambling industry.

The Outlook for 2020

Next year could finally see some serious changes in terms of US federal regulations regarding online gambling in the country.

Indeed, industry insiders and experts are hopeful that the current administration in Washington may be inclined to open up the long stifled online gambling industry in the USA. What was previously a gloomy forecast for the US online gambling business has all of a sudden grown a lot rosier and many are optimistic that federal and state level changes will be made to outdated laws on online gambling.

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