Useful Ways to Purchase with Your Phone Bill
Wed Sep 11 2019

Useful Ways to Purchase with Your Phone Bill

Our mobile phones have become such an integral part of our daily existence; it’s hard to imagine life without them now. We do just about everything on them, from planning the day’s activities, setting up our shopping lists, to checking in with loved ones on social media, playing games to kill time and anything else you can think of.

With the advent of the smartphone, we moved from a simple communication device (known as a feature phone), to a microcomputer that we could store in our pockets. Someone said that today’s smartphones have more computing power than the entire room of computers used to send the first man to the moon. It was a pretty big room!

One of the biggest advantages to having a smartphone, is the ability to download apps from your relevant app store. This opens up an entire universe of knowledge, functions and tools – literally at your fingertips. From apps that can help you to lose weight, navigate any location, study the universe, survive in the desert, to apps that can age you in an instant or transform you from an ugly duckling into a swan.

Some apps you can get for free, as long as you’re willing to put up with annoying pop-up ads or promotions now and again. Others will offer you a free ‘lite’ version, with limited features. To unlock all of the features (usually the best or most useful), you’ll need to purchase a license.

But what about stuff that doesn’t necessarily come in an app form? What else could you buy with your mobile, and more specifically, with your mobile phone bill?

Yes, You Can Buy Stuff with Your Mobile Phone Bill

One of the newest ways in which you can squeeze yet more functionality out of your mobile device is called ‘pay by mobile phone bill’, which allows you to use your actual phone money (the money used to make calls or surf the net on your device) to purchase items online. The beauty of this fairly new option is that you can completely cut out your bank and even your regular eWallet.

One of the most popular (and some would say more useful) purchases that people are making online via their phone bill, is cryptocurrency. According to, you can now by cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash directly from your smartphone prepaid or contract billing.

If you’re not into cryptocurrencies, or you just want to buy something a bit more fun, consider mobile casino gaming.

Boku is a leading pay by phone bill provider and you can deposit at a Boku casino site within seconds – safely and anonymously. This service works across a number of mobile networks and can be used by both prepaid and contract users.

Since mobile casino gambling is set to completely take over from conventional online gambling in 2019, using a pay by mobile phone bill service like Boku, could be the smartest mobile purchase you make this year.



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