A Guide to Paying with Your Phone Bill Online
Mon Aug 12 2019

A Guide to Paying with Your Phone Bill Online

Over the last few years mobile gaming, especially online casinos and multi-player games have maintained a steady upward trend, and payment options have become more diverse with the Pay via phone method increasing almost daily in popularity.

When you think of how much people are concerned about identity fraud or having their personal details, especially their banking details, compromised, it’s not really surprising that many are turning to their phone to fund accounts and pay for games.

In fact, those sites that provide pay with phone casino games offer mobile users an option that could only be dreamed of a few years back but as we have enjoyed massive leaps in technology and as our Wi-Fi connections became more reliable and widespread, the option to pay for games via your mobile phone became a reality.

Cutting out the need to give over any banking details means that even if your account was hacked there would be no personal details to steal – we cannot ever rule out the criminal element but we can certainly make things very difficult for them and using your phone to pay for games is one way of achieving this.

PayviaPhone works in much the same way as BOKU which allows you to make a payment straight into your account and its very simple to set up.

If you are going to use your mobile phone to pay for a casino game then all you need to do is chose ‘Pay by Mobile’ then you will be taken to the payment panel to confirm the amount you have chosen – it is here that you will need to input your phone number .

Once that is completed you will have to wait for a text message that asks you to confirm and authenticate the payment option for security reasons.

You should then be able to see your deposit on your credit balance.

A receipt will be sent to your phone when the payment has successfully gone through, and if the payment fails you will also be notified.

Every amount you spend via your mobile device will either show on your monthly bill or will be deducted from your pay-as-you-go balance.

Not only is using your phone to pay for goods and services online safe and secure it is also handy for those that do not own a traditional bank account of own credit cards.

With credit cards people can spend up to £500 upwards but with PayviaPhone there is a £30 daily limit which serves more than one purpose. With a £30 daily limit if you do happen to lose or have your device stolen you will not find yourself with a massive bill at the end of the month – and this limit is also a great way of keeping your spending in check

Working over all the main networks PayviaPhone is well worth thinking about when buying or funding your accounts online, it’s quick and convenient and perhaps more importantly, its safe.



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